• Medical Marijuana Regulations: Important Reminders you need to Know

    The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana is one of the most controversial issues in the United States of America. As stated by the Federal Law, marijuana is categorized as Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances of 1970. Hence, the use of weed- either for medical, recreational, market and trade purposes- is considered illegal.


    However, this federal law did not stop the state of California from legalizing the use of medical marijuana. They strongly purport the health benefits of marijuana. According to studies funded by the state, medical marijuana has amazing therapeutic properties that can treat and reduce the effects of chronic diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and psychological disorders. For this reason, last November 8, 2016, California passed the Proposition 64 (The Adult Use of Marijuana Act) which was voted 50 percent to 43 percent, promotes the legalization of the market, distribution and medical use of dry and concentrated weed.


    Just this January 2018, another law has been passed by the state of California regarding the legalization of marijuana. This law recognizes the production and distribution of recreational marijuana. With this act, California is now named as the primary hub of the medical and recreational marijuana business.


    San Francisco, one of the biggest city in California that has thousands of weed users. The medical marijuana laws exhibit limitations to control the people using this herb. This is to avoid crimes that may cause havoc to the city and of course to prevent marijuana users from infringing the federal law on controlled substances.


    Thus, if you are one of the medical marijuana users in this metropolis, here are some significant reminders you have to learn about medical marijuana San Francisco.


    1. Only adults aging 21 and above are allowed to possess, transport and purchase marijuana in for both medical and recreational use.


    2. Patients using medical marijuana are required to have a medical marijuana ID card issued by the state’s Department of Public Health. The patient may obtain these cards from a licensed medical doctor or via online registration in authorized site.


    3. A person can only possess a maximum of 8 grams of marijuana concentrate.


    4. People are allowed to use marijuana only in private such as the home. Use of marijuana in public places like inside a bus, park, malls, school, etc. is strictly forbidden. Individuals caught under the influence of this substance while using in a public place will be subjected to the Federal law.


    5. People can plant medical marijuana but in minimal amount. A person is permitted to have a maximum of 6 plants but these plants are forbidden for public display. If one exceeds the allowed maximum number of the marijuana plant in the home, he or she will face conviction.


    6. Driving while stoned or high with the substance is illegal.


    7. Authorized businesses are the ones permitted to sell marijuana. Thus, trading with a non-authorized person or business is considered illegal.


    Remember that marijuana is still illegal under the Federal Law. Therefore, you are not free to use this substance anywhere you want. There are limitations and regulations that should take in mind to prevent facing legal issues.

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